Grow closer as your family grows.

Workshops and coaching to help couples safeguard your relationship from the challenges parenthood throws at you.

Welcome to The Couples Academy

Parenthood puts even the strongest relationships to the test.

With less time for one another and more opportunities for disagreement, parenthood can stir up all sorts of unanticipated challenges.

Your relationship doesn't have to just survive parenthood.

When you keep your relationship front and center, your whole family will thrive.

Stay connected emotionally.
Model healthy communication for your kids.
Share roles and responsibilities in a balanced way.
Talk about the hard stuff without blaming or shaming.
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Let's hang out.

The Couples Academy is a safe place to talk about hard things, whether you're already going to through some sh*t or you want to avoid getting there.

Our time together will leave you feeling 100% heard and understood—and 0% criticized or judged. Period.

Partners2Parents Group Workshop

When you become parents, your relationship can get turned upside down. The worst part? You don't know what you don't know!

Partners2Parents takes you from unaware to prepared.

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Private Coaching

Whether you have a specific concern you want to tackle head on, or you just prefer a more private setting, we're here for you.

2:2 Private Coaching provides personalized support for your relationship.

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"They give relatable practical tips that you can implement right away!"

Verona + Cameron

"No one talks about the valleys and bumps in a marriage and they not only do, but they make the content fun with humor!"

Laura M.

"We were shocked at how in just 60 mins we truly felt like a new spark was lit in our relationship."

Lydia + Rick

Chris and Sarah
Chris and Sarah Helms, Couples Academy Founders
It might not always feel like it, but—

You two are on the same team.

Having kids is a huge change, and the challenges are real. But you can actually enjoy parenting, instead of bickering your way through it.

We're Chris and Sarah Helms—Certified Relationship Coaches with Empowered Couples University and Certified Facilitators with Prepare/Enrich, the #1 relationship assessment in the world.

Through our coaching practice, our workshops, and our Instagram following, we’ve helped thousands of couples successfully navigate their relationship while growing their family. We'd be so honored to help you, too.

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We're parents, too.

So we get how busy you are! That’s why we promise your Couples Academy experience will be:



Your happiness matters too much to talk about challenges without solving them. You'll walk away with new tools you can use right away to strengthen your relationship.



Couples often find themselves reacting when challenges come up. We'll help you anticipate potential points of conflict so you have a gameplan from the get-go.



We don’t sugarcoat parenthood, but we’re not all doom and gloom either! You'll gain perspective, reframe tough situations, and stay connected through it all.

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Create the partnership you've always wanted.


Decide your relationship is worth doing this.

Being parents means your relationship matters more, not less!


Choose the level of support you need.

Join other couples on a parallel journey to yours, or get coaching just for the two of you.


Grow together, even as your family grows.

Feel confident that no matter what life throws at you, you'll always be on the same team.
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Quick, practical reads to help you stay connected and communicating.

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25 Conversations Expecting Parents Don't Know to Have (But Need To!)

Snuggle up on the couch and explore one another's expectations and assumptions about parenthood—from who's getting up with the baby at 2:38 am to how your finances may change and more.

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We help you proactively safeguard your relationship from the challenges parenthood throws at you.