In-person and virtual group coaching to help you stay connected as you navigate parenthood.

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First, some not-great news...

It's alllllmost like having kids is bad for relationships.

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83% of new parents experience moderate to severe crisis in the transition to parenthood.

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92% of couples report increases in conflict and disagreements their first year of parenting.

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67% of couples experience a decline in overall marital satisfaction after having kids.

And now the good news!

Those stats aren't the boss of you.

When it comes to parenting, we're told what to expect. But when it comes to parenthood—being in a relationship while taking care of a tiny human together—we don't know what we don't know. By fixing that problem, we can prevent a whole bunch of new ones.

That's what Partners2Parents is all about.

When you prepare for parenthood, you can:

Stay connected emotionally.
Enjoy a passionate sex life.
Understand and honor each other's needs.
Model healthy communication for your kids.
Share roles and responsibilities in a balanced way.
Talk about the hard stuff without blaming or shaming.
The partner2parents curriculum

Go from unaware to prepared.

Week 1

Stay Connected

We start by talking about the #1 key to staying close—emotionally and physically. We also expose the worst advice parents receive. (It's a doozy!)

Balance the Load

Then, we tackle the "yuck" couples tend to fight over—household tasks, the mental load of parenting, finances, and more—so you'll know in advance how to deal with it all.

Week 2

Navigate Your Support System

Now it's time to complain about discuss our families—including how your upbringing might be impacting your relationship today (and what to do about it).

Week 3

Resolve + Repair

Even the strongest, most connected couples will hit a rough patch or two. We wrap up our time together with practical tips for fighting fair and keeping (or restoring) your cool.

Week 4
"This class has given us the tools as well as the intentionality to have the conversations we need before the biggest change of our lives."
"Sarah and Chris are exceptional. They have so much emotional intelligence and do a great job covering a variety of topics, and really got us involved. Great discussion."
"The tools presented in class will be so helpful. I feel like we’re leaving better equipped to handle this next adventure, with exercises to put into practice right away. I feel like this class will help us navigate the communication needed ahead with confidence and understanding. So helpful. Really glad we invested the time in our relationship by attending this class."
Chris and Sarah
Chris and Sarah Helms, Couples Academy Founders
It might not always feel like it, but—

You two are on the same team.

Having kids is a huge change, and the challenges are real. But you can actually enjoy parenting, instead of bickering your way through it.

We're Chris and Sarah Helms—Certified Relationship Coaches with Empowered Couples University and Certified Facilitators with Prepare/Enrich, the #1 relationship assessment in the world.

Through our coaching practice, our workshops, and our Instagram following, we’ve helped thousands of couples successfully navigate their relationship while growing their family. We'd be so honored to help you, too.

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Bring Partners2Parents to families you care about.

Ask us about becoming a certified Partners2Parents facilitator or having us lead a workshop for your hospital, birthing center, or organization.

couples who feel more prepared for parenthood

couples who experienced improved connection

couples who saw improvement in conflict resolution

couples who are likely to recommend the workshop

We're parents, too.

So we get how busy you are! That’s why we promise your Couples Academy experience will be:



Your happiness matters too much to talk about challenges without solving them. You'll walk away with new tools you can use right away to strengthen your relationship.



Couples often find themselves reacting when challenges come up. We'll help you anticipate potential points of conflict so you have a gameplan from the get-go.



We don’t sugarcoat parenthood, but we’re not all doom and gloom either! You'll gain perspective, reframe tough situations, and stay connected through it all.

Let's hang out!

Choose the option most convenient for your family.

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Show your kids how it's done.

The best gift you can offer them is a strong, healthy, connected partnership.


Decide your relationship is worth doing this.

Being parents means your relationship matters more, not less!


Add some seriously helpful skills to your toolkit.

You'll learn how to communicate better and show up for each other more often.


Grow together, even as your family grows.

Feel confident that no matter what life throws at you, you'll always be on the same team.

You might be wondering...

This isn't our first child. Is this workshop for us?

Absolutely! Whether you're pregnant with your first, you have three littles already, or you're coming together as a blended family, you'll get practical tips for safeguarding your relationship from the inevitable challenges parenthood throws at you.

Our relationship is solid. Why would we do this workshop?

Amazing! Partners2Parents isn't just for couples who are struggling. It's also for those who are in a really good place and want to keep it that way. We set up your relationship for success for the long haul.

I think we might need more help than a group workshop. What should we do?

First of all, kudos to you for recognizing you could use some support, rather than just trying to grin and bear it! If you have specific concerns you hope to address, our 2:2 Private Coaching may be a better option for you.

Is this like marriage counseling?

Nope. We're Certified Relationship Coaches, not mental health counselors. And our approach is a bit different. Therapists often focus on past concerns. In Partners2Parents, we're more focused on the future.

To be clear, we're huge fans of therapy. Partners2Parents isn't meant to replace therapy, or vice versa.

We already have a marriage counselor. Is this workshop for us?

100%! The skills you learn in Partners2Parents and through therapy complement each other so well!

Is this a parenting class?

We're so glad you asked this question. It is not a parenting class—which would teach you how to support your child. This is a parenthood class—which teaches you, as partners, how to support one another.

Let's hang out on Instagram.


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We help you proactively safeguard your relationship from the challenges parenthood throws at you.