10 Secrets to a Successful Partnership in Parenthood

Couples who are successful in parenthood are sharp. They ask questions, are intentional and surround themselves with other successful partnerships. Below we share 10 secrets in mindset, awareness and action that successful couples who are parents make apart of their lifestyle. 

  1. Happiness is a great goal but shouldn’t be the main goal. Parenthood will have a LOT of happy moments, but will also have it’s share of stressful, frustrating, and really hard moments. Successful couples enjoy the happy moments, but discover (and continue to discover as time changes things) what will help bring them happiness in the hard times and then use those tools to pull them back together when life pulls them apart.
  2. Know there is value I just being there for the other. WHen things get hard and you are not sure what to do or say, successful partners I parenthood know the first step is to show up. Many of the next steps will make themselves known after you are both reminded you are in this together. 
  3. No change….no change. Successful partnerships in parenthood know that doing the same thing over and over to solve the same problem with no success is not how things improve. They seek out new tools, support and brainstorm different ways of looking at the same problem. Often times a small change in perspective, attitude, and approach make a HUGE difference.
  4. Attitude matters! Bad attitudes drive bad feelings and actions. 
  5. WHAT they think about each other MATTERS. Successful partners know that what they think and how they treat their partners are directly related. Think negatively….negative actions will follow. Successful couples keep this in check.
  6. The grass is greener where you water it. You want a successful partnership? It takes effort. The end.
  7. A lifestyle of personal growth is necessary. You cannot change your partner….you can only change you. You are responsible for becoming the best person you can be for your partner. Changing your partner or their habits will not help that. 
  8. Fight the problem not each other. Successful partners in parenthood know that the noise of the problem will often make us want to point fingers and blame each other, but that all that does is distract our time and energy from solving the REAL problem. 
  9. If you don’t share your feelings or what is on your mind…your partner will fill in the blanks with what they want, and that will cause more problems that just mastering the communication skills it takes to share your feelings. 
  10. Successful partners in parenthood know that at the foundation of it all it’s the two of them. Nothing else stays afloat if the two of them are not thriving. 

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