How to have an engaging conversation with your partner

We are all tired of the “how was your day babe?” question. It leaves no room for truly engaging conversation. It opens the door for the “it was good” “fine” “busy.” Those short conversation ending phrases. So, we wanted to give you some BETTER options! The questions below are open ending, will make you ACTUALLY think about your response, and we even tell you why the question we give is a good one! 

Did you hear anything today that was super interesting? 

by asking this question you learn something that excited them! When in long-term relationships we can think we know everything about our partner, but in actuality, we know less. Why? Because we stop asking questions and as people, we are always growing! This question allows you to discover new interests of your partner which is always fun to learn!

What was something you meant to do today and didn't get around to? 

this is such a great question because it allows us to find out what was important to our partner. You will find out an area that maybe they needed help in yet, didn't ask for help. You will also find out how you can be of support and take something off their to-do list. 

if you could repeat part of your day...which part would you pick? 

You will learn something they want to celebrate and now you can celebrate with them! Maybe you can help them repeat this moment too?! 

Was there a lesson that you learned today?

This question will allow you into a vulnerable moment. Did they feel like they messed up in a parenting choice? Did they let someone down at work? Do they need your suport? Do they need help finding a solution or could they just use an ear to listen? 

What thought provoking, unique, and different questions do YOU ask each other? We’d love to hear them!

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