2:2 Relationship Coaching

Confidential, personalized support for couples in all stages of parenthood—from "just thinking about it" to empty nesters.

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It may not always feel like it, but—

You two are on the same team.

Parenting isn't exactly a piece of cake. And safeguarding your relationship from all the sh*t parenthood tosses at you can be a real struggle. In fact, most couples need a little support as they move through this season.

You don't have to figure this alone.


Chris + Sarah Helms

Having kids is like doing a group project where you don't find out your grade for decades. And every season brings new challenges—from trying to conceive to surviving the teens years to becoming grandparents.

As Certified Relationship Coaches with Empowered Couples University, we’ve helped thousands of couples stay connected to one another as they navigate parenthood. We'd be so honored to help you, too.

Chris and Sarah
Chris and Sarah Helms, Couples Academy Founders
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Here's how relationship coaching works.


Schedule a call.

Let's chat a bit! We'll get to know one another, and you can ask us all your questions. Together, we'll decide if coaching is the next best step for your relationship.


Get a plan to grow.

You'll take the Prepare/Enrich Assessment to understand—objectively—where you're getting stuck. Then, based on your results, we'll put together your personalized coaching plan.


Feel connected again.

Each session, we'll help you sort through one area of your relationship. You'll soon be modeling for your kids what a strong, connected relationship looks like!

The Prepare/Enrich Assessment

Your customized coaching program begins with the #1 relationship assessment in the world.

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You'll join more than 4 million other couples who've grown in their awareness across nine relationship dimensions:




Conflict Resolution


Family and Friends


Intimacy and Sex


Faith and Spirituality




Partner Style and Habits


Roles Around the House


Leisure Activities

We're parents, too.

So we get how busy you are! That’s why we promise your time with us will be:



Your happiness matters too much to talk about challenges without solving them. You'll walk away with new tools you can use right away to strengthen your relationship.



Couples often find themselves reacting when challenges come up. We'll help you anticipate potential points of conflict so you have a gameplan from the get-go.



We don’t sugarcoat parenthood, but we’re not all doom and gloom either! You'll gain perspective, reframe tough situations, and stay connected through it all.

"We were looking for some guidance and steps to take to come together better and to be able to handle differences in a more productive way. Typical therapy sessions, be they family or individually focused, usually do not offer up suggestions on how to overcome pain points. As a patient, you are usually asked to come to that conclusion on your own. Not only did you open up the perspectives for us to see, but you also pointed out the issues as well as possible solutions."

Stephanie + Lew

"Of all the classes we’ve taken, this one has definitely been the most helpful. Thank you!"
"Chris and Sarah’s class was extremely helpful in outlining expectations for parenthood and making it easy to understand techniques to solve the issues that will inevitably come up. They did a great job of mixing expert advice and research with personal stories and humor to make it engaging and interactive. We took so much out of it and hope to use the many tools and tactics to solve (or not pressure ourselves to solve, as we learned) what parenthood throws our way."

2:2 Coaching Packages

Starting at $897

Package 1

Prepare/Enrich assessment
Four bi-weekly zoom calls to explore four relationship dimensions

Package 2

Prepare/Enrich assessment
Nine bi-weekly zoom calls to discuss every relationship dimension
PDF workbook

Package 3

Prepare/Enrich assessment
Nine bi-weekly zoom calls to discuss every relationship dimension
PDF workbook
Quarterly check-in calls
Reassessment at the year mark

You might be wondering...

Is this like marriage counseling?

Nope. We're Certified Relationship Coaches, not mental health counselors. And our approach is a bit different. Therapists often focus on past concerns. Through our coaching, we're more focused on the future.

To be clear, we're huge fans of therapy. Our coaching program isn't meant to replace therapy, or vice versa.

Sooo, should we do this... or find a therapist?

It depends. We're happy to talk you through that decision. No pressure. Promise! We want what's best for your family, even if that's not working with us. Reach out if you'd like to chat.

Will this help us be better parents?

Yes, but not in the way you might think.

For example, we won't talk about how you should discipline your kids, but we might talk about how to decide—as a team—how to discipline your kids.

And we won't talk about if or how much your kids should get for allowance, but we might talk about your finances and help you reach an agreement on how to approach them.

By helping you communicate better and stay connected to one another, you'll naturally be better parents to your kids.

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We help you proactively safeguard your relationship from the challenges parenthood throws at you.