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Workshops and coaching to help couples safeguard your relationship from the challenges parenthood throws at you.

Parenthood can stir up some stuff.

Suddenly, couples have less time for one another and more opportunities for disagreement—which puts their connection to the test. And that affects everything, from their work to their social lives to their family dynamics.

Chris and Sarah's talks offer practical tools to help couples successfully navigate their relationship while growing their family.

"Chris and Sarah spoke to our MOPS group about how to stay connected with your partner after having kids. Who doesn't need help with this?! We were blown away by their talk. They were engaging, funny, relatable,and SO helpful. The guidance and suggestions they provided weren't overly lofty or complicated, but were easy to relate to, concrete enough to implement, and powerful enough to make a huge difference in the relationships of our group members. We received so much positive feedback from our mamas, and can't wait to have these relationship rockstars back in the future!" - Chrissy

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Chris + Sarah Helms

Having kids is a huge change, and the challenges are real. But it's possible for couples to actually enjoy parenting, instead of bickering their way through it.

We're Certified Relationship Coaches with Empowered Couples University and Certified Facilitators with Prepare/Enrich, the #1 relationship assessment in the world.

Through our coaching practice, our workshops, and our Instagram following, we’ve helped thousands of couples improve their communication, stay connected, and become models for their children

Chris and Sarah
Chris and Sarah Helms, Couples Academy Founders
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Speaking Topics

Parenting Together

We all enter relationships with assumptions and expectations from our own upbringing. And if our history is different from our partner's, that can make parenthood... interesting.

In this workshop, we guide couples toward creating their own set of family values and philosophies that'll withstand every stage of parenthood. We also cover communicating those values to friends and family—and how to hold those boundaries, even when people disagree with them.

Connecting During the Busy Years

From the moment kids are born, it's like we're off the races, isn't it? That means couples often spend little quality time with one another.

This workshop helps couples explore why connection is so important, identify their own barriers to connecting, and discover new ways to connect (beyond just sex!).

Communication Basics

When we become parents, we suddenly have a lot more to talk about. And argue about. Learning to communicate our thoughts, feelings, and needs is critical in parenthood.

In this workshop, we help couples identify—and correct—negative communication patterns, learn to truly listen to one another, and fight fair.

Want something custom for your couples? We can do that too! Click the button below and we'll create it together.

"Chris and Sarah don’t just offer eye-opening wisdom for couples, but they share ideas, experiences, and inspiration from their own journey. What works and what has not. They are an open book and a helping hand for parents today, that does not look to one perfect way but rather how to navigate the journey that is best for you!"

Kim - Noteworthy Parenting

"I loved that people engaged and really took part in the activities! You guys did an awesome job of creating an atmosphere for couples to connect and give them some valuable tools that they will hopefully refer back to often!"

Liz, Community Pastor of Easter Hills Church

"We had Chris and Sarah speak to our MOPS group specifically about communication with our spouses during a pandemic and boy, did they deliver! Their presentation was spot on—addressing everything asked for and more, giving us specific techniques and tips on how to establish great communication in our relationships, keeping the presentation relevant yet lighthearted with such a serious topic, and answering each question that the moms asked with respect and dignity."

MOPS coordinator

We're parents, too.

So we understand how busy your audience is! That’s why we promise our time with them will be:



Your audience's happiness matters too much to talk about challenges without solving them. They'll walk away with new tools they can use to strengthen their relationship.



Couples often find themselves reacting when challenges come up. We'll help them anticipate potential points of conflict so they have a gameplan from the get-go.



We don’t sugarcoat parenthood, but we’re not all doom and gloom either! Your audience will gain perspective, reframe tough situations, and stay connected through it all.

You might be wondering...

How much do your workshops cost?

We'll be able to give you a price once we know a bit about your audience and event. Please click the "Book Chris & Sarah" button to schedule a call with us.

Do you just get up and lecture, or are your sessions interactive?

We're firm believers in audience participation. We'll keep your folks engaged and interested!

At what kinds of events do you speak?

Pretty much anywhere couples are: parenting groups, MOPS groups, churches, schools...

Will you travel to our event?

We'll go anywhere in the U.S., and we're happy to speak for virtual events, too!

Have another question? We're here for you!

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We help you proactively safeguard your relationship from the challenges parenthood throws at you.